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Homeowners & Property Insurance

Buying a home is one of the biggest purchases a person can make. Protecting the people inside the home is just as valuable. In the event of a loss are you sure you are adequately prepared? Contact us now for a homeowners policy review.

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Homeowners Insurance

You’ve worked hard to make your house a home, let us help you protect it. SavePlus Insurance has the best rates for Homeowners and Renters insurance. Plus, you could save even more by bundling it with an auto policy!

Selecting the Right Coverage

SavePlus Insurance offers 3 levels of coverage for Homeowner’s insurance.

What’s Covered: Dwelling Coverage, Personal Property, Personal Liability and more…


Covers property damage and personal injury along with a limited amount of personal property. This coverage is great for first-time homeowners who are just getting started or those who are very budget-conscious.


Options to add extended replacement cost, water backup, and replacement cost of contents. In addition, our policies offer protection against ordinance or law code updates. Ask us about these specific endorsements when reviewing your home policy.


Covers property damage and personal injury along with the highest limits for personal property and can guarantee a replacement of damaged goods. This coverage is great for those who may have expensive jewelry and/or electronics and want to make sure they’re protected.

Did You Know?

California experiences more than 100 earthquakes per day. Although most of California’s quakes are small in magnitude and cause little or no damage you cannot go wrong endorsing this coverage to your homeowner’s policy.

There are many reasons why a flood can occur; excessive rainfall, excessive snowmelt, levee failures or a combination of these circumstances.  Most of California is susceptible of flooding. Contact us today and find out if your home is inside the flood zones.  


*Coverage is always specific to the limits set within the policy. For more details, please speak with one of our insurance coverage experts. (844) 490-SAVE (7283)

Renters Insurance

Just because you don’t own a home doesn’t mean you don’t deserve great protection! Renters insurance offers a great balance between cost-effectiveness and financial security. Damages caused by faulty plumbing or a fire can be very expensive. Having the proper renter’s insurance means you’re financially protected; Plus, your personal property can be covered too!

What’s Covered: Unit Coverage, Personal Property, Personal Liability



Because you never know what your neighbor is going to do, condominium insurance can offer protection again things like fire damages even if it’s your neighbor’s kitchen that went up in flames and spread to your dwelling space. Damages can become overwhelming without the proper coverage. We have policies that can even cover accommodations while waiting for the repairs to the damages covered by your claim. Never be left out in the cold with an expertly crafted insurance policy from our insurance coverage experts.

What’s Covered: Unit Coverage, Personal Property, Personal Liability

Want to know more about insuring your condo? Call us now (844) 490-SAVE (7283)


Manufactured Home

Manufactured and Mobile homes offer great comfort at very affordable prices. Having a hard time finding someone to cover your Manufactured or Mobile home? We have carriers that can offer you a wide variety of coverages at an affordable rate.

What’s Covered: Unit Coverage, Personal Property, Personal Liability


Farm & Ranch

Livestock can be unpredictable and so can the people who come to visit. Farm and Ranch policies are designed to cover the unique equipment and situations that can only arise on a farm. The cow knocks over the neighbor’s kid, don’t worry you’re covered up to the liability limits specified in your policy. Our goal is to help you keep your farm or ranch up and running no matter what happens.

What’s Covered: Dwelling Coverage, Farming Property, Personal Liability, Commercial Use


Rental Property

Do you have a property that you rent out to others? We have great policies that can help protect your assets when deposits and renters can’t cover the losses. Some policies can even provide up to 12 months of rental income in certain emergency situations.  Call SavePlus today and we’ll find you a great rate for the right coverage.


Flood & Earthquake

Homeowners’ insurance is great, but it doesn’t cover everything. For added protection, it may be important to add flood and earthquake addendums to help cover your home and personal property if they are ever damaged by these causes. Get a quote now and discover how affordable this coverage is!


Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella Insurance is a type of personal liability insurance that will protect you if you are ever in a lawsuit for a sum that is greater than what your existing insurance will pay. No matter how careful you are, anything can happen. If your teenager gets in a fight at school and breaks someone’s arm and the parent’s sue, dog viciously attacks a jogging neighbor, or you cause a multiple car accident with bodily injury. Situations like this happen often and your umbrella policy will protect you. Typically umbrella policies range from $150-$300 a year for 1,000,000 worth of coverage. Learn more and request a policy review today.

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