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Recreational Vehicles

When You’re Ready to Have Some Fun!

Motorhome Insurance

Vacations are supposed to be a time of excitement and relaxation! You’ve worked hard and earned some well-deserved time off. Don’t let the unexpected ruin your plans. SavePlus is here to help you find the right coverage with affordable rates to keep you at your playful best.

Enjoy coverages like:

  • Theft, fire & vandalism
  • Bodily Injury
  • Emergency Roadside Service
  • Personal Property

Vacation coverage

Did You Know?

The first motorized campers were built by Pierce-Arrow in 1910 and were called the “Touring Landu.”   Many people use their RVs for quick getaways, but the average RV owner uses their RV about 28 to 35 days (about 1 month 4 and a half days) per year. This is why insurance for your RV is affordable.

California requires you to have a Noncommercial Class B license to drive any house car over 40’ but not over 45’, with endorsement.

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